Monthly message from Bill Boyd, Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair June 2012

A year of achievements

As we come to the end of another Rotary year, we can reflect on what we have achieved together.

The recognition of India as having interrupted transmission of indigenous wild poliovirus was a momentous event. Our campaign against polio cannot stop, for we still have three remaining endemic countries, but it is a cause for rejoicing. And at the recent polio summit organized by Rotary and the government of India, we did just that.

This has been a significant year as we build our Foundation for the future. The first year of the Future Vision pilot was a challenge for both the pilot districts and staff, as they had to come to terms with something new. In year two, the positives have become obvious. Next year will be focused on training, and the rollout on 1 July 2013 will be a milestone for you and our Foundation.

From our General Secretary John Hewko have come new ideas about better integrating the skills of Rotarians and staff, which will progressively improve our performance.

The announcement in January of a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for a further US$50 million for polio eradication reminds us of Rotary’s standing in the world community. Bill Gates sees a continuing key role for Rotary and our advocacy efforts as we finish the task, and respects the millions of hours that Rotarians have spent in often difficult conditions to bring us so much closer to success.

Finally, we should all acknowledge the giving that demonstrates your belief in what we do. The truth is that you do not give to The Rotary Foundation but to the work of the Foundation, and you and I see this as our way of doing good in the world.

My regards to you all.