Why did you join Rotary?

Everyone has different reasons for joining a Rotary club.  For some it is a legacy passed down through generations of their family. For others it is a desire to serve the community. Hear from some of our members for their personal stories.


Michelle Goldstein
I love being part of something bigger than myself.  Wherever I lay my head in the entire world, there is are Rotarians nearby.  Rotary will be a lifetime exploration for me and the journey is just beginning.


Gary Kindley
Rotary is the largest humanitarian organization in the world and in more countries than the Red Cross. I joined Dallas Uptown Rotary because it is a fun, giving, social and service-oriented group who embraces diversity and welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds.


Ann Germann
When my husband and I moved to Dallas we wanted to join a community service organization similar to the one we had belonged to in Indiana. We visited the local Lions, Kiwanis, and Rotary Clubs. When we walked into the Rotary Club of Dallas-Uptown, we knew that we had found “our people.” We could envision the members as our friends and were excited to serve the community alongside them.


Keith Mankin
I have never felt as engaged as I have since I joined the Rotary Club of Dallas-Uptown. The spirit of the club and Rotary in general is caring and nurturing, with a sincere drive to work for the good of our local area and the global community as well. I love the atmosphere of the club and the warm friendship that the members have for each other and for visitors. Even from the beginning, the Uptown Club has felt like home.


Sandra Forster
Why Rotary? For me, multiple reasons…Rotary International has established itself worldwide with a reputation for lifting up and helping others. An opportunity to meet and serve others. I’ve learned leadership skills which has benefited myself, my business & community. Why Dallas Uptown? I was attracted to Dallas Uptown Rotary Club first because of the diversity of people. Second, because these are folks who care and also have fun. Come join us.


John Haley
Rotary has introduced me to people and experiences that have broadened my horizons and widened my circle of friends. It has offered me a way to repay some of my good fortune to the community with others who share the same spirit of gratitude.