As neighbors, friends, and community leaders, the RCDU is dedicated to creating positive and lasting change in our local community and around the world. Over the years, we have served Dallas and the immediate neighborhood in helping to address its needs and challenges, as well as joining in its celebrations.
At the same time, we have worked with Rotary Clubs around the world to provide support for Rotary International’s seven areas of concern:
  1. promoting peace
  2. fighting disease
  3. providing clean water and hygiene
  4. saving mothers and children
  5. supporting education, especially gender equity
  6. growing local economies
  7. protecting the environment
Through education, donation, and advocacy, RCDU has joined the successful fight towards eradicating polio worldwide.
The organizations and causes we support will vary from year to year, guided by community and global needs as well as the interests and passions of our members. Some of the causes we have supported recently include:
  • The DICTIONARY PROJECT (see below)
  • Camp RYLA (see below)
  • Emergency food supplies during the coronavirus pandemic
  • The Turtle Creek Preserve: volunteer work for the beautification of our neighborhood
  • Bryan’s House: volunteer work at a school for special needs children
  • The StewPot: volunteer work and support of programs for the city’s homeless population
  • Challenge Air: support for flying experiences for special needs children
  • E-Quest: volunteer and support for an equine therapy program
  • Dallas Fire Department Engine #1
  • BonTon Farms: volunteer work and support of an urban farm in a food desert
  • Trinity HOPE School Lunch Program (Haiti)
  • Hurricane relief during recent storms